Reggin Industries Inc.
Custom Metal Fabricators

What We Do

Reggin Industries is a custom metal fabricator, specializing in high end architectural features for the commercial construction industry and residential homes.

  • Commercial construction: railings, stair guardrails, building entrances and canopies, columns, elevator finishes, laboratory tops and sinks, kitchen equipment, table bases, reception counters

  • Residential: railings, countertops and sinks, backsplashes, range hoods, fireplaces, BBQs

What makes Reggin Industries different

We have the resources and the expertise to provide everything from design services through to fabrication and even installation. With a versatile shop, we are set up to accommodate one-of-a-kind projects. Our years of experience, attention to detail, skilled craftsmen, desire to excel, and pride in a job well done all combine to produce a quality product and ultimately a satisfied customer.

Process of the Work

To create our one-of-a-kind products, we start with raw materials that arrive in the form of flat sheets, round or square tubing, flat bars or plates of stainless steel.

Using shop drawings we then lay-out, cut, bend, punch (holes), notch, weld, polish and finally install the finished product on site. It is precision work requiring a great deal of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship. To do this work we use a wide variety of tools and machines.

01 : Design - architectural blueprints
02 : Developing shop drawings for fabrication
03 : Raw material - flat sheets of stainless steel
04 : Raw material - stainless steel tubing
05 : Caliper used for precision measurement
06 : Layout - lines marked to be formed
07 : Notching a corner
08 : Brake Press - forming a sheet
09 : Polishing flat bars before fabrication
10 : Polished flat bars of stainless steel
11 : Wet saw - cutting, tubing or flat bars
12 : Drilling a hole
13 : Layout/flat bars of stainless welded together
14 : TIG welding a corner
15 : TIG welding a bracket
16 : Flat bars of stainless steel welded together
17 : Grinding/cleaning up pieces
18 : Finished brackets
19 : Close-up of finished bracket
20 : Row of spacers for glass top
21 : Hand-held polisher to polish finished piece
22 : Polisher/buffer to blend finishes after weld
23 : Cleaning the finished product
24 : Installation at the job site