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For those in need of high-end metal fabrication across North America, Reggin is your partner. From design services through to fabrication and installation, we have the experience, drive, and resources to provide imaginative in-house solutions to the world of metal. Our rich history paired with our mindful creativity and fearless appetite for risk enables us to take on any challenge head on, creating one-of-a-kind projects built on solid, transparent relationships.

Together, let’s take the world of metal in a new direction.

Our History

Welcoming the

With nothing more than paper, pen, and an idea, Reggin Industries was founded by the Reggin family more than 8 decades ago in Calgary, Alberta. In 1990, Dave Alle took over Reggin Industries, shifting our company’s focus from food services to Architectural Features, spurring significant company growth. Since then, we have become leaders in custom metal fabrication, working to create a world where ideas are unconstrained, where metal shines and where beauty thrives.


Above All

We have the experience, resources, and unique materials to provide quality in-house solutions to the world of metal – from design services to fabrication and installation.

Why We Use


High chromium and nickel-alloyed grades of stainless steel are popular choices for design. Beyond its bright and modern appearance, stainless steel’s hard, non-porous surface makes cleaning easy, making it extremely hygienic. This natural, corrosion resistant, non-toxic product is made from natural minerals of the earth, making it 100% recyclable into the same product without any loss of quality. While stainless steel may not appear to be the most cost-effective material choice, it can be the most economic product choice in terms of installation, maintenance, and replacement. When properly selected, fabricated and maintained, stainless steel should last a lifetime.

Why We Use


Mild Steel is one of the most commonly used metals and is the base of most building structures. Also often used in ornamental applications, mild steel forms the base metal for a lot of our specialty finishes applications. We use mild steel with different finishes to avoid rusting, such as galvanized, painted, or sometimes just with a clear coat to bring out the rustic aesthetic that some designers are looking for.

Why We Use


A lot of items that are built out of mild steel can also be built out of aluminum. The biggest advantage of aluminium is the lightweight nature of the material, making it extremely effective in a lot of applications where weight needs to be reduced. Aluminum also has corrosion resistant properties to it, and can be used in mill finish, brushed, polished finish, or can be painted or powdercoated.

Why We Use

Copper - Brass - Bronze

Copper, brass and bronze, otherwise known as the “Red Metals”, are similar and, as such, we group them together. However, they do differ in that different percentages of each compound are used. For example, due to its high strength, resistance to corrosion and excellent conductivity, copper is used in a wide range of applications. Brass, an alloy which often infuses zinc with copper, and Bronze, an alloy which includes copper as well as other ingredients, are often chosen for similar reasons, including improved strength. All three are used for both ornamental features and, with our specialty finishes, can be used individually or combined to create an antique, rustic look to any project or design.

Why We Use


All core metals we offer, including stainless steel, mild steel aluminum and copper, come in a variety of specialty finishes options. The most common and simple specialty finishes are painted or powder-coated finishes, but custom patina and antique finishes are also available. These finishes are achieved by applying different chemicals to the base metals in varying applications, and then sealing them with a special coating. Each specialty finish application takes a certain artistic ability and craftsmanship to accomplish and can be customized depending on unique project needs.

Why We Use


All the above-mentioned core metals can also be offered in a perforation. Often used in guardrail, wall panels or exterior building panels for aesthetic purposes, or for more functional purposes for things like airflow, we utilize either large standard punches, custom punches or CNC cutting to achieve the level of perforation desired. The size or shape of holes can be as uniform or as random as possible for different looks, depending on your project. You can even customize them to have images displayed


Delivering the

Reggin’s design department is one of the core pieces that sets us apart from other metal fabricators. The design department is at the leading edge of Reggin, championing Lean Manufacturing Principles. Design’s use of SOLIDWORKS allows for the creation of 3D models, enabling us to conduct real-time trouble shooting to solve any problems before they arise in the creation, fit, or finish of products prior to going into production. Our team is also able to create piece-part and contextual drawings to coordinate between our clients and fabricators to assure that every end result matches your vision.


is Key

Production work is the foundation of our business. Precision is key in our industry, and our highly skilled team of journeyman welders and metalworkers are a talented local group that provide a deep yet balanced big picture perspective. By investing in strategic training to supplement our team’s formal education, we ensure that our attention to detail and quality of craft sets us apart. Our production staff creates products by:

  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Notching
  • Welding
  • Polishing

Escape the

We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully complete multiple project, no matter their size or scope, from conception to installation, all in-house. The metalworkers who make the products are the same people who install them, ensuring a thorough understanding of how the product was made. This leads to efficient installation and an ability to rapidly make changes on-site so that final products exceed expectations every time. Your demanding schedule is just as important to us as it is to you. We have a strong reputation in the industry for delivering quality products on or ahead of schedule, and we like to keep it that way.


the Way

Reggin’s experienced leadership team is comprised of experts with diverse backgrounds in sectors including project management, production, accounting, HR and estimating. We have a dedicated internal safety committee to promote a culture of safe work practices. Although he has recently stepped down from his long-time role as President since 1990, David Alle will continue to lead the advisory board to continue to ensure that Reggin’s values permeate the entire company from the top down. This enables us to deliver all-in-one solutions that exceed expectations internally as well as externally.


of Mind

We have extensive estimating experience across commercial construction and manufacturing. Whether you require a quote for $1,000 or $10M, we guarantee quick response times and detailed quotes, helping you discover efficiencies to keep your project in budget.

Project Management

Experience, Drive,

We assign a dedicated Project Manager to each job, whether small or large, to ensure that every project flows smoothly and to ensure accurate and efficient coordination between all stakeholders. Multiple PMs within our company have transitioned to the role from a production background and have an intimate understanding of what exactly it takes to make a job run efficiently. They understand scheduling and how to solve problems that might arise on the production end, enabling our team to address challenges ahead of time and allocate the right resources to the job.

Our Clients


We love adding beauty to life and are proud of our projects and partnerships – allowing us to work alongside the most creative people in the industry. We take the time to learn about each of our clients, immersing ourselves in their businesses so we can deliver imaginative solutions that stand the test of time.

Working With


Our team of experienced estimators can provide quick quote turnaround, helping keep your project on time and on budget. A significant amount of our work involves working with general contractors, and we are consistently told that our attention to detail and quality of craft sets us apart. This enables us to build lasting solutions that are not close – but spot on – and precise to your needs.

Working With

Architects &

The thing we love about partnering with architects and designers is that we are always encouraged to push the limits of what’s possible with metal – and we enjoy that challenge. Compelled to change the landscape, we view calculated risks as an investment today, to make a difference tomorrow. We carry the latest equipment and are driven by opportunities to showcase our skills through leading technology and unconventional thinking. This allows us to truly partner with you to help make what you envision a reality – ensuring your finished project is everything you intended and more, while remaining within scope and budget.

Working With


We are an experienced, ambitious team of visionaries who have an appetite for risk and a desire to make hearts race. We exist to come up with new ideas and new ways to use metal. Skilled across the entire project lifespan, we also ensure your concept stays within budget when brought on early, assuring that from conceptual design to completion, your idea will come to life. We welcome the unknown, because we are confident that we have the intimate knowledge, detailed skillset and imaginative team to push the entire project forward.

Working With


Ensuring your property suits your tenants’ needs is essential. We are honoured to, like you, have the ability to change people’s lives. We strive to provide an experience that is nothing short of remarkable, constantly resetting the bar in our field. Whether you need improvements, site repairs or servicing to help make your building look its best (with or without major renovations), we’ll address your challenge head on, finding not a work around – but a working way to accomplish your goals.

Working With


For fast prototyping and extremely quick turnarounds, we are the local experts. Whether small or large batch orders, we spend time with you upfront to review your unique situation, offering expert guidance with our high-quality manufacturing solutions. In addition to our advanced equipment, we also have the ability to work directly with designers to ensure products are exactly as you require them to be.

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